Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to... Sewing Caddy

I have strayed away from instructionals because, well I'm not very good at documenting each step by the time I think about it, it's already made. This was almost the case with Sewing Caddy, the pret-a-porter holdall for your sewing essentials. (You'll notice there's no step one!) It was also almost the death of Brother (sewing machine) it did not like sewing layers of thick fabric together. I got tired of carting my sewing smalls in a ziplock bag and then fretting that I'd forgotten something big, like scissors. Now there's no way I'll forget the important things, because there will be an empty pocket. Anyway enough blabbing here it is.

What you will need: Heavyweight fabric, elastic, thread, padding, ribbon.
Tools: Scissors, sewing machine, iron, pins,

Fabric from Ikea in case you're wondering.

After you have laid out everything that you want to carry in your sewing caddy. Cut out 2 equally sized rectangular pieces of fabric.
Next cut a piece of padding (stuff quilter's use) This will have the effect of swaddling your tools and making the caddy sturdier. Iron everything and pin hems.
Cut out additional pockets, don't be afraid to put the tools inside to gage how big the pockets need to be. Place a long piece of ribbon between your front and back layer. This will be used to tie it together.
Use elastic for some flexibility and additional storage. I used 3 rows of elastic.
Pin your pocket and use an invisible marker or chalk to mark your pockets.
Sew pocket and elastic using a straight stitch.
I added a piece of felt to attach sewing needles and pins and an extra piece of elastic so that I can still put all the miscellaneous items in a ziplock !
Here's a few of my essentials thread, glue and hem picker. ( Does anyone else lose these all the time ?)
Here it is rolled up, in my excitement I forgot to cut off that hanging thread.
All cosy and ready for a trip.

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