Sunday, August 11, 2013

Clock Hack DIY

Madeover custom clock

Original Clock (Meh, but nothing special)
So one Saturday morning having managed to lose 3 hours on Pinterest I came across this clock diy morph which you can find on and decided to make my own version. The possibilities of this are endless. It maybe took me 15 mins tops to do, and half of those minutes were spent prising the clock face off.
What you will need: flat head screwdriver (target) clock $3, paper, pen, scissors,( illustrator & printer optional.
Time: 15mins
Difficulty: Easy(ish)

That little plastic thing has to be pushed down in order to release the clear plastic clock face. There are two of those.
Once you've done that gently pull the clock hands off and take off the battery pack. Sorry I was going so quickly that I never took a pic of this step. I then peeled the paper clock face off and traced around it. If you are going to collage you could leave it on. I measured the circle and then created a template in Illustrator and designed my own clock face. You can do this lo tech, simply trace around the clock face paper onto a blank sheet and draw your own numbers, you could also use stencils etc Endless possibilities.
Hurrah the plastic face is off!
Now use the face to trace around for a template if you are not going to print like below and just draw/paint/collage/stencil etc

Or Prepare and print your design.

I then printed my design, cut it out and made a hole in the center for the clock mechanism.
In the original tutorial she spray painted the green plastic surround part but I didn't bother as I like green.
Put the plastic face back on and you are done !

I am quite happy with how it turned out as it was pretty quick, and here it is in my craft room.