Saturday, January 17, 2015

Looking Forward, Craft Fair recap

It's been an action packed couple of months. 9 shows in 2 months and I made it. There were some good and some great shows but the one common denominator was great people. Being surrounded by people following their creative paths can't help but inspire and bolster your resolve. I was lucky this year, this was my first holiday season where I was dedicated 100% to the job and I have to say it really paid off. The application process starts so early for some of the shows that come November it's usually too late. I made up a calendar and wrote all the application dates and show dates, (and space size) this helped me focus on exactly how much inventory I needed, what set up to take and make deadlines. I did one set up on my kitchen table, took photos and this helped save time with show set-up because I knew where everything was going to go.

For the most part I had displays and signage I was happy with, sometimes the hoarding of props pays off and having access to a laser cutter made a huge difference. I took a woodshop class and it was worth the money just to be able to use the table saw. I had grand plans for a mobile set up but had to abandon them when I realized it was going to take a lot longer than I had initially thought.

My favorite 3 shows were: Maker's Arcade, Renegade and Artists and Fleas. These are all curated shows so until you get the acceptance email usually just a couple of weeks before the show you have to plan blind. So before we get to 2015, here's some pics !
Rained out at Patchwork, Santa Ana

Don't wear white shoes in Rain :(
One of my faves Maker's Arcade, San Diego Photo by @jasfitz
 This was the furthest I had driven for a show and despite being caught in an accident and racing to get set up on time, it was well worth it.
Photo by @jasfitz from Maker's Arcade

Prior to making the circular bauble sign at ENC

Sunny Day at Renegade.

I had a lot of dog visitors at Renegade.
Last Set Up of the Season
 The set ups were switched up based on space available but I think I saved the best for last at Artists and Fleas.
Handy to have a board listing your products.