Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to Photograph Greeting Cards Easily

There comes a time when you have to put down the pen or sewing needle and get down to the business of photographing your output. So armed with my new fancy Canon I set about getting it done as quickly as possible. I was going to do it outside but I decided any breeze would probably cause mayhem so into my very messy studio I went. One sweep of the arm to clear the table, one large sheet of white drawing paper and a bit of masking tape and my backdrop was set. Now the new camera is a lot heavier than my old (but very handy powershot D10) so I dusted off my tripod from college and set it up level with the display.

Using only natural light, I hate flash it just blasts details into oblivion I focused using the large screen viewfinder and shot a couple of images.
To save time I placed the circle ruler below so that my card would be placed in exactly the same spot. As I mentioned speed was key. I should add I removed the ruler after I placed the card in position.
And last but not least the finished shot. In order to get a perfect white background I had to take out the shadows and brighten the exposure a bit. The beauty is that because you take all the shots at the same time you can just batch change the whole lot in Photoshop relatively painlessly but even if you don't have it they can still look pretty good. All the images will eventually find their way online.


  1. I've tried this (without tripod) but found I kept getting unwelcome shadows across the card or the perspective came out skew.

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