Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crafted -the opening weekend and beyond

Well the moment of truth arrived and we rose to the challenge. Sleep deprived and sewing into the early morning it was all worth it. Excited customers,tv crews, media were all there for the grand opening. It was a great turnout and the booths looked amazing. It really was such a relief to have gotten to that point and realized that the hard work was justified. It went so well that I have not been able to take much of a break as I battle to restock, a good battle to have I might add. Poor panda is still waiting to be made but on the upside lots of bears, rabbits and owls have found new homes.
I could have sold that chair many times over.
Look it's my card wall.

Hello owl wall.

and more stuff.
Exciting projects are in the works, a collaboration with another crafted vendor to make some bags as well as a potential children's book. I cannot complain these last couple of weeks have been fantastic. Apologies for the blog delay, after all that build up !!

Here's some video footage for you, I do appear about a third of the way through, standing in my booth trying to string a sentence together.