Friday, December 3, 2010

The Cosy Dresser

The other day I found myself taking one of those online quizzes, (so easy to get sucked in) one minute you're reading emails and the next you are finding out what kind of dresser you are. I didn't really need to take the quiz as I already knew the answer, cosy dresser. One who dresses for comfort, which is not to say that I'm all about elasticated waists I just appreciate clothes that don't restrict my movement. I recently made a U-turn on Uggs, having vowed that I'd never wear them, I have been wearing my wooly boots for two days solid ! It would probably have been longer had I not got home only to discover I had two right feet in the box, honestly it was very disappointing and I had to wait a week for the next delivery. I haven't worn them outdoors, just in the privacy of my own home but I see how it happens. It's like putting your feet in a warm duvet and then suddenly you're outside and you haven't taken the duvet off. It's been getting a bit chilly here at night nothing on the scale of England and snow but then there's no open fires and central heating (in this apartment at least) so a little chill goes a long way. There is one gas furnace type thing, it takes me back to being a student at Leeds and hovering around a most likely non-gas compliant heater in the most burgled street in Europe. Now Leeds that was COLD !
Why am I rambling on about the weather ? Well, it's making me less productive when it's warm I don't mind getting out of bed, it's easy, not so much in the Winter. Add to that as soon as the husband gets up the dogs swoop in, take his spot and proceed to nap, so now I have nap companions which makes me less guilty about getting up. However I did manage to tackle the Etsy Shop, Etsy is like that essay you got for homework and put off till the last possible moment. I spent the morning outside taking the product shots before settling down to write descriptions and particulars. It had been so long since I uploaded anything that the site's changed. It actually has a copy feature now which made the task far less arduous. I did redo the banner though. On that note, check out my new look shop (it's that store tab at the top) and let me know what you think.
In my next post I will have finished a batch of squirrels so it'll be less rambling and more pics. However I will leave you a pic of my dogs that I did in Photoshop. It started as a Xmas card idea and ended up being well not.... see so easily distracted ! I'm sure I'm not the only one so I ask you, what stories do you have of impulse online shopping or other stuff when all you were supposed to be doing was quickly checking your email ?

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