Sunday, November 28, 2010

Midnight Madness Report

The now standard display of plushes.
One of the pros of doing a show is the people you encounter and conversations  you have. I met some lovely people at the Midnight Madness show.
This is the lovely Ricky from Sun Stones with one of his pieces a beautifully crafted birdhouse using repurposed materials, it has welded wings for that added touch of whimsy.
 Here's Juan also from Sun Stones who gets extra brownie points for carrying my table to the car. His jawed creatures are reminiscent of the Little Shop of Horrors' Venus Flytraps, very fun !
I had seen this rock garland before each stone has a groove cut through it where the copper wire sits. Love this. Also by Sun Stones.

 Here's Belinda from by Belinda. She has a great set of cards that are based on her hand embroideries and completed with a witty phrase.
 Christy from Kohana has the most heavenly scented organic creams. Frequent trips to Hawaii are part of the process which is very envy enducing.
They look good enough to eat !

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