Friday, May 27, 2011

Owls, thrift and other news.

It seems of late that I have neglected the old blog. Been keeping busy with lots of design work which has left me not wanting to stay longer on the computer. A new website is coming together slowly but surely. More card designs have been added to the collection and still the drawings continue to flow which has resulted in four new owl prototypes in production as I write. Well I finished one sample at least. It can take a while to fine tune the pattern but I was lucky enough to find some very appropriate buttons that make the project.

The husband helped me to make a card display using an old frame which is almost finished just a few technicalities to sort out but I'm excited about it. Since I wrote it's now complete. I had planned on using fishing line but it sagged too much so I switched to wire and it's perfect.

 In thrift news following on from mini chair I found a fabulous office chair on castors. Very sturdy and comfortable, given the current overstock of furniture in our apartment I did debate purchasing the chair for maybe a minute till a man decided he would use it as a perch while he tested a TV. In the end I asked him "are you buying the chair ?" to which he nodded. I don't think he understood me because after half an hour of testing every possible button on the TV with a cracked screen he just left it there and I swooped in and wheeled it away ! The moral there is go with your first instinct or prepare to do some mindless hovering.

the back can be adjusted which is very cool.

No distressing needed !

the perfect office chair
So there you have it three blog post's for the price of one. Enjoy !

Monday, May 2, 2011

Thrift Store Find - Mini Chair

What's better than a full sized chair, a mini-chair of course ! There was not a moments hesitation as I handed over $5 for this treasure. Baby owl jumped right in to have a nap in the sun.