Saturday, September 27, 2014

Carpe Diem Seize the AC Unit & Biz card design

This is my very first year of being full time on the make and design front, which has coincided with probably some of the hottest weather ever, which I toughed out with one fairly innocuous fan which merely gave the appearance of a small breeze. Why didn't you get an air conditioning unit I hear you ask ? Well, frankly I didn't know you could buy them off the shelf, I thought stupidly that you had to install a fancy system running through your house ( a bit like plumbing) and I blame the husband on this one (he's American after all!) its not like Air Conditioning was ever an issue in London. Ask me about alternative heating solutions and I'm your man.  Upon realizing that I didn't need to take 3 cold showers a day to bring my core temperature down, we headed to Home Depot. I should preface this by adding it was probably a humid 93 degrees at this point,  I am not an impulse shopper nor do I know anything about Air Conditioning units, so we are standing in Home Depot looking at these two rather sad looking boxes and my husband says something like "we should get this one", to which I reply with some questions  like "are you sure this is a good one" or something along those lines. In the midst of this discussion, two separate sets of people take each of the boxes and we are left looking at the floor. Naturally I assumed there were more stacked away, this is America there's always more, right ? but much to my husband's fury that was it, SOLD out, the only two in the whole store. We walked away from our sad empty cart in silence  and went to another home depot to find that they had none either. So here we are very hot and bothered with no AC unit, (had I not known they existed I would have been hot, but not that bothered, can't miss what you didn't know existed in the first place.) We head back home where I make calls to several stores and the soonest we can get one is 5-7 business days. It was not a good time to be me !!

My husband at this point is lying on the couch unable to answer even the simplest question and I'm left to pull the trigger, Amazon Prime will get one to us in 2 days which sounds a lot better than 5 -7. It's a powerful, window mounted thing which seems to have all the bells and whistles. It arrived and took at least several hours to install. So now we have this white box sitting in our window, its reassuring red light says "I'm here if you need me". It's been fired up a couple of times and works like a charm.

In other craft related news, here's what I've been up to. New business card design. I ended up re drawing the design about 3 times but was happy with the final finished result. Customers are always happy to receive them so taking the extra effort to make something unique seems worth it.

initial design

Second Draft

red and black

final card


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