Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm Back

After all the build up to the last show I needed a break, but I'm back to full working order and with a new sewing machine purchase imminent very excited about future projects. I have to figure out how to balance painting and sewing. They aren't very compatible, you can't do it in the same room for instance.
My project list for early 2010 includes in no particular order: Argyle recycled sweater pig, Recycled sweater owl, lettered garland, pin brooches, wet felted flowers (learn how to wet felt first) Image transfers on wood then made into coasters, multiple paintings of the ocean, donkey ornaments and fancy zippered bags.

It sounds like a lot just typing it out. I will also be bringing to the blog stuff that I read that interests me and inspiring projects. In this way it will lessen the burden on me to take copious photos of my stuff or lack of it !!

I found this on and absolutely love it. I was thinking of making one that said Give me strength and just have it up all year round. Patience is a virtue could be another one, must blog etc etc. I was super excited to find out that Muji has an online store, NO one sells those clear sleeve folders and so I bought 2 to begin with that will help deal with the backlog of cutouts and printouts that form my must have a go at this one day file. They currently reside in a box. The office has now got a much needed lamp which means I can work when its dark, I salvaged a corkboard from work which will need a little trimming to get it to fit the nice frame I have for it. Must get back to work. Happy New Year everyone.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Unique LA

So, I've been a slacker on the blog front but only because I've been chained to my sewing machine. I felt like a factory worker as I attempted to complete projects in time for the show. My fingers are sore from not using a thimble. The regular job just gets in the way and when there's gossip girl and desperate housewives to catch up on its hard to get down to serious stuff. I've been sucked in by Melrose Place too, oh the shame of it. Anyway, thank you to all the lovely people who stopped by and were so complimentary about my wares. The most comical moment was when I wasn't even there, a small boy with his father apparently picked up a penguin and licked it. The father then felt obliged to buy it and later on I saw the small boy still clutching the penguin. So for you kids out there wanting new toys, don't scream and throw a tantrum, just lick !!!

The furry travel buddies awaiting adoption.

I was sad to see glamour owl go, she had sparkly eyes.

The paintings before they got straightened.

Happy Shoppers.