Monday, October 31, 2011

Renegade London

Well I finally made it across the pond as they say the journey was hellish. (I'm back now just a bit delayed with the old blog). It may not sound like much but when the remote for your tv doesn't work, the 9 hours of chair confinement seems insurmountable. I ended up having to switch seats but only when the hour and half of turbulence had ended. I replaced the broken remote and gained a seat which reclined but refused to stay in that position. I used to love flying Virgin, no longer. Anyway enough of the ranting back to craft news. After pooling my family resources I was able to create a decent display improvising with cardboard boxes, a tartan blanket, plate holders and easels. I did miss my oversized frame though but there was no way it was fitting in the suitcase as it was I was a mere .2kg under.

Star helper

 Ethan (my nephew) and his Jimmy comics

Some of the goodies

The Frame that got left behind.

This was the lovely Kim and her leather goods.