Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Desiree B. Lookbook

So on my day off I decided to make a lookbook. I haven't got the hard copy yet. After a couple of hours fiddling about with images I hit the order button. I then received an email about all the cool new features that I hadn't used when making the book. Next time, i was a tad annoyed though. Some of the photos were taken by my talented photographer friends Lindsey Kliewer and John Santoni. Those of you with an eye for these things will instantly know which ones are mine !

Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh dear , August is almost over

So it's been a crazy Summer, what with Art Camp (regular job) Crafted (new job) and actually making stuff there's been little to no surfing/ sunbathing or summery like activities. There's been a lot happening hard to tell given that I stopped blogging but I have proof. As one busy time spots there's no rest, holiday merchandise needs to be ready by Mid October !

 Makeovers - Just afters no befores
Mini Supermarket Trolley. I still need to brand but almost there.
Phone Bench for the Crafted Booth it sure is bright and beautiful

New Stuff
Foxes, Bears and Squirrels
New Magnets of my favorite doodles
Mr Fox Purse
There's also new cards and I've been making snailpace progress on a Children's book but hope to give it more time now ...oh who am I kidding it'll have to be squeezed in. I've added some links on my new Press page to the blogs that in recent times have mentioned the brand just in case you were curious.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rush Rush

Wow, it's a whirlwind action packed Summer. Having a permanent shop front means you have to keep it stocked and that has been a challenge. Casae Larae Photography stopped by a few weeks ago to shoot my very messy craftroom as part of her artist series and managed to successfully frame each shot to not reveal the piles of fabric everywhere. The pictures are lovely so head over and have a look.

I still need a work table for the booth and some storage for all the clutter I seem to bring with me. I found this old wooden box covered in stickers (for at least 10 years according to the other half) at the local goodwill and it's been de-stickered but still needs a little more work doing to it before it makes it into the booth.

I have been making a lot of stuff but it's been selling well that I don't seem to have documented the new stuff, oops. I have begun my first bowtie and bought some hardware to make the back strap which is kind of exciting to have a new project. I also made a scrap doll and I think I'll take my bag of scraps with me to CRAFTED and make some more or maybe some furry travel buddies, too much choice but I miss those funny little creatures.

News just in, Mr Fox will be making his Crafted debut with a couple of pals. I seem to Instagram everything these days must get better at using the proper camera.