Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shop Banner

This banner is for the craft shows that I'm doing. It's not quite finished yet as I have to punch some grommets in and back it but you get the gist. You may have been wondering about the delay in posting and I would love to say that I've been super busy and productive but in fact I had an accident and badly sprained my wrist. (Spent 4 hours in A&E for an x-ray just to be sure) and have been in a splint since. It's a lot better now, I can use scissors and a mouse ! I have been very grumpy though, as I had a lot of plans and they had to be abandoned and the accident could have been easily avoided. Such is life. Coming soon more lettering inspired projects.

Hug a Tree

My goal is to create a big forest of trees, but there are only four at the moment. The wool has been felted so they are very soft. It took ages to finish the big tree as I couldn't get the bird to look the way I wanted it to, I did in the end and thus the forest began.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Papa Massimo and the Penguinos

Behold the Penguino Family. Here are some photos from the family album. As you can see there is a striking resemblance between the babies and their parents. I am reluctant to put them up for sale at the weekend as I have grown rather attached. Leave a comment if you like them. Thanks.