Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November's Blog Update

Blimey, there are just not enough hours in the day anymore for all the crafting that needs to be done. In case you were thinking I was sitting back and resting up, oh I can dream... January will be my vacation time.
Xmas at Crafted
Mega Owl the biggest Owl I've ever made.
Custom mobile

So, I was commissioned to create a baby mobile a while back and I was so happy when it was finally finished. The logistics of creating the structure itself and balancing the components took a really long time and tested my problem solving abilities to the max. I was really happy with the end result and despite it taking a lot longer than I had initially thought, am excited to perhaps make this a future store offering. I'm already working on a Forest type theme. It's good to have things that push you but it was a big relief to finish and be satisfied with the end result.
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Ok, so since the bats I finished my Christmas Card collections, after a hiccup at the printers they are finally ready. Here's a few, all themed around Peas, I had to have a pun and this one came to me in September or October and I've been excited ever since.

A Christmas Pea of course

More Peas


Stop by and say hello Dec 3rd to 11th
There's a new exciting place that's just opened and I will be teaching some workshops this month including upcycled stocking, wooly bird and printing workshop and there are lots more fun things too. The owners are lovely and just so much fun stuff to learn. Oh and lastly I'll be doing a pop up shop at the OC Mart Mix with It's me Mary Taking over one whole shop ! Back to sewing there's only one week to go eek.
It was 7am and about 100 degrees and unbeknownst to me I was supposed to bring wintery clothing hence the slightly odd outfit.

And lastly, see this is what happens when I blog once a month it turns into a very long round up. Got some nice press !