Monday, June 17, 2013

Noise and Plates

I need to preface this blog post by saying that inspired by by brother in law's hilarious blog I am going to have a bit of a moan. So if you want to skip the rant feel free to scroll and just enjoy the work. Summer has arrived I think, well for a Londoner it's probably been Summer since February... but the really hot weather has arrived. Unfortunately so has the noise, OMG it's been a cacophony of sound. For two or three weeks we had what turned out to be the great wall of bloody China erected next door, I lost track of time, the thin, non double glazed poor excuse of a window could not drown out the sound of the pounding drill making its way into concrete at ungodly hours of the am. To add insult to injury it would start at 6.30am only to stop an hour later. Here's a thought why not just start the work at 9 and not wake the whole street up unnecessarily. At the weekend we had a 12 hour bouncy castle rental opposite, I like kids I do, I just wish they wouldn't scream like banshees... for 101/2 hours, (they stopped for 20mins for either food or cake.)

Then the straw that almost broke the camel's back, the car alarm. So I'm painting my plates below and this car alarm is going off for an hour at least and it's making strange dying battery type sounds, so instead of falling into a pattern of wailing like a normal annoying car alarm, it's all over the place like a drum and bass CD that keeps skipping. What is worse is the bloody owner (excuse my English) is standing right there explaining to someone on the phone about his strange car alarm sounds and every now and then will switch it off, when not demonstrating his dilemma. This was all happening below the window were I was trying to work, I swore LOUDLY I'll admit it in a John McEnroe kind of way, with an expletive thrown in for good measure. "You cannot be ****** serious." It did the trick given the paper thin windows, message received loud and clear. Rarely am I plunged to such depths of impropriety but come on, it wasn't like Vivaldi's Four Seasons, it was a car alarm and looking at the car, no one would want to steal it anyway !!! First world problems I know ! Now that I've got that off my chest here's some plates...

Rope like hand painted type wasn't feeling love at the time

The Sanford plate because plates aren't just for wolves

Subliminal thinking

the chow chow plate because I can't just paint one of the dogs
In July I start a ceramics class, but honestly I'm happy doing the decorating part. Hopefully there will be some molds... otherwise it'll be slab and coiling ! Feels good to be blogging again. Expect some changes at least one DIY a month, as well as my usual poor progress updates. Thanks for sharing the journey and be sure to follow me on instagram/imustdraw if you are an actual person you'll not have a problem, but I was getting too many spammers so I set it to by request. Sorry you didn't need that much information.