Friday, September 14, 2012

Getting a bit Batty and other animals

Bat and Robin
Can't wait to display these bats @Crafted

So, as we approach Halloween which is a big deal in the States much more so than in England I thought I should make a plush or five. If chocolate actually tasted like real chocolate, (sorry America your chocolate tastes horrible) I would love Halloween, but as it is I get into the spirit of things but I  know that my heart's not really in it. However I may have turned a corner, I decided to make a bat the other day out of wool of course, I made a bird too but he needs adjusting. So the bat, after discussion with husband resident Halloween and bat expert, some adjustments were made to the beak placement. "Haven't you ever seen a bat ?" he said. "Well, no actually" I replied. In my defense my plushies aren't meant to be anatomically correct. So beak was moved, the Earth kept on spinning and I sewed him up. I was quite pleased so I shall be making some more.

In other news, thrift store finds galore (over the course of a few weeks not one crazy splurge). 

A Wooden Dog
I will display my felted doggie poop bags holders in this.
Squirrel and Nut Ceramic Combo

I'm not usually a big ceramic animal purchaser but the nut has storage and storage pretty much allows for any purchase in my book. The eyes are a little scary.

Tortoise mini stool

How have I only just realized that everything is animal themed in this blog post? This tortoise spoke to me, it has Alaska 1969 written on the bottom, I could use it as a giant pincushion among other things. The colors are bright and someone clearly put a lot of love and effort when they made it so it's found a good home. I am going to have to have a yard sale if I am going to have any more room for new purchases.