Thursday, November 11, 2010

So much to sew, sew little time !

I have been sewing like a dervish and my machine is starting to get noisier as it strains to get through another project. You may remember the ring pillow. Here it is again, in case you don't.

Now the flower basket was another adventure altogether. At the time I agreed to it, I thought how hard can it be ? The answer unless you want to use spray paint is a little bit tricky. I don't mind telling you if I never cover another basket again it wouldn't bother me. However, after a few sleepless nights wondering which fabric to use and how to make it work, it finally came together (as the deadline grew closer and I toyed with the spray paint idea (it was getting really late like the night before late but I was given a firm "No" by the intern, thank goodness)  I was quite pleased with the final result which uses a felted wool sweater and wool suiting fabric along with some ribbon and wool felt. Handstitched the whole thing. I just hope the flower girl likes it.

 This is the rabbit I made for the flower girl who likes princesses and such hence the use of pink patterned fabric.

And for the maids some cosmetic bags lined with satin with a special name tag inside.
I have a love/hate relationship with deadlines, I need them in order to force myself to finish things but it's like the feeling you have when you have an exam, you can't wait till it's over. I'm happy to have learnt some new tricks from this wedding inspired episode but I'm glad to be back to my plushies !

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