Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sunny November

It's like Summer's back without the tourists. I fitted in an afternoon surf the other day as it hit 90 degrees and found a parking space, only in November. Add to that no air conditioning and sewing just isn't fun. So  many people out in Newport Beach who must have had the same idea. I did manage to fit in a successful thrift store shopping expedition, lots of exciting textiles and clothing to deconstruct. A direction I've been heading in has been textile design. So far I've only got to see the results on paper so maybe I'll use that brand new silkscreen set sometime soon that has been sitting in the closet for about a year. As my family keep telling me in reference to the prints I've made. "It would make a great suitcase." (You know who you are, ha ha.)

Polyester paisley who knew ? Excerpt from a two piece suit.

Fancy pinstripe from Men's Jacket that came with a waistcoat.
Gorgeous thick wool tweed from a suit jacket.

And now for something else... alert cuteness heading your way.

Farley the new dog.
Farley playing with the small dog.
No I haven't suddenly decided to use fur,  this is Farley who we rescued about 2 months ago. He has been a huge distraction as he is like this huge teddy bear that you just can't help but cuddle. He has had to overcome a lot in his short life, having lived in a yard for two years with little attention and no one to care for his basic needs. The fact that he is such a docile and happy dog is a testament to his optimistic outlook. Who wouldn't be distracted by a huge teddy bear on legs ?

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