Friday, April 2, 2010

Miracle Dog

April 1st is Boss, our chows birthday and he was 4 yesterday however henceforth it will be known as Miracle Dog Day thanks to a minor miracle but miracle nonetheless. What is she talking about ? What's with the mystery ? What happened to the craft stuff ?Well in recognition of Boss's special day the dogs got given some cooked beef ribs which they happily ate on the balcony outside. It was fairly windy and Boss made easy work of his rib and wanted in again. My husband opened the screen door to let him in and in he came. Sanford continued to chomp and in the blink of an eye the wind caught the screen door and pinned Sanford against the barbeque, as my husband got up to release him from this trap he disappeared. He had backed off the balcony and dropped 12 feet. I never saw it happen and I'm glad I didn't, we rushed to see him sat on the asphalt. My husband tore down the stairs and picked him up, fully expecting a trip to the hospital. He looked up at us as if to say "Am I in trouble, did I do something wrong ?" So with great trepidation we put him down on the carpet, and this is the miracle part, he walked casually up to his partially chewed bone (no limping, no sign of discomfort) and picked it up in his mouth, crawled under the coffee table and continued to chew on his treat.
I don't know how he survived that fall without a scratch but I am so very grateful that someone up above was keeping him safe. So to add to his long list of nicknames he has another Miracle Dog.

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