Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Artist Series - 002 Taman Sheikh

The other day while logged into my gmail, I was happily surprised by an IM by a former student of mine Taman who is now studying for her textiles degree at Chelsea College of Art. Taman was that rare but much appreciated student who would listen, had talent in abundance and worked unbelievably hard. At the same time she was funny and extremely polite. As an example of her generous nature she has been loyally dragging Stanley her FTB to Amsterdam, Kenya and more recently Turkey for which I am very grateful.

So when I asked to see some of her work and she sent me these photos I asked her if she wouldn't mind me posting them. Aren't they just fabulous ? They are currently on sale in Fabrication
I am so proud. Above is Taman's piece from AS level.

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