Thursday, April 29, 2010

UniqueLA - Check

Desiree B. Antarctica, originally uploaded by Desiree B.
Here's a snap of my booth featuring the antarctica scene and owl tree.

And relax... In the build up to the show it was full steam ahead with a ramped up production line of all things felt. I was for those few weeks a self imposed half-chinese sweat shop (although I use the term sweat figuratively.) This is the 3rd time I had done the show and with each one I aimed to raise the bar a little bit higher. So it was was that a tree and arctic scene were created in addition to a display frame. You can see the final product on my newly created flickr account. Blogger can get a bit tedious uploading pictures so this way you get to see many many angles.
I also recently stumbled across these Uplifting tales of Success and thought I'd post the link if anyone fancies some motivation.

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  1. i have commented and i like the wallpaper
    your stall is very cute