Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ice Skating and Polar Bears

Oh, its been a full week since I got back from Colorado and I attributed my lethargy to the 7 day working week. Turns out however that I had a bit of a cold which was not going to stop me from an overdue surf on Saturday. It was supposed to rain on Saturday I might add and on cue as I approached the shore little droplets started landing on me. But, don't you get wet anyway ? I hear you say. Obviously you do, its the paddling part that's trickier with a downpour getting in your eyes, like swimming with no goggles. Still, it had deterred a large crowd from forming and the waves were bigger than the 1-2ft surfline forecast. More 3-4 with the occassional beast. When faced with a big wave I often pause for an instant, which is the worst thing to do, because that's when I get caught in no man's land and get dumped on. I resolve to make a decision one way or the other the next time a big one comes along and I'm in the wrong position.
After the surf, I was fully animated to get some creatures made, I've designed a polar bear, beaver and boss dog and managed to make 2/3 prototypes. There were distractions along the way I was fascinated by the Jonny Weir Series airing on Sundance and watched 4 in a row. (Commercial free.) I didn't know much about him while the Olympics were on, I just thought he was really good and deserved to place higher than he did, not that I know anything about scoring Ice dancing. I did work a few Holiday on Ice specials at Wembley way back when, which makes you appreciate the physical effort that goes into it. I got to watch Torvill and Dean doing the Bolero probably one of the most famous ice dances of all time.
In total contrast to the ice skating, we had a movie night and watched Law abiding Citizen I wasn't expecting the gruesomeness and I covered my eyes on occasion. It was definitely uncomfortable viewing, fictitious as it was. Pics of polar babies coming soon.

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