Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here comes the Sun

I've been restless for the last few days but finally the wait is over and confirmation that I have a booth at UNIQUE LA finally arrived on Friday night. Hurrah and boo at the same time, I must hit the brushes and sewing machine in every spare minute, which boo means less surfing time and general lounging. This week has been productive, two paintings a diptych I guess are in progress (ocean) as well as a pair of cushions. I also attacked a 2 year old never worn French Connection dress with a pair of scissors, while this may seem rash it's taken me two years to take the plunge. A little history.... I bought this dress and foolishly never tried it on, purple silk with a navy pattern it was long and boho ish. I got it home and not only was it too big but was unflattering from every angle. So, in the wise words of Tim Gunn I made it work. This involved a lot of pinning and chopping of excess fabric all the while pacifying myself with the thought that I never wore it anyway. Any change could therefore only be positive. I am glad to report that the transformation is almost there, it fits and is a much better shape for me. I may even wear it to an upcoming wedding, note the confident tone, ha.

I spray painted some more coffee tins and transplanted an incredibly hardy lavender plant. I kill plants, not deliberately but they just don't last. Add to that I get hayfever and it seems that gardening and I just weren't meant to be. I finally bought one of those trigger things that stop your finger from going numb that you attach to the spray can only to find that it didn't fit 75% of my collection.

The never ending birthday flag project continues, I've sewn all the requisite letters but need to finish the flag bits. I definitely need to be printing and not appliqueing everything. I have officially given up fizzy drinks (not including carbonated water) there is just no nutritional value to it and while the same could be said of coffee I have to start somewhere. It's amazing what a difference sunshine makes, my energy levels have doubled and I actually went for a run on Saturday. Legs are still sore today Monday but I went, and hopefully its the first of many. I made a pact with myself if I didn't go surfing I would have to go for a run, needless to say come Sunday I went surfing and chatted to a teenager who'd just moved to the area. The waves were fairly non-existent to begin with but it picked up a little, nowhere near as painful as the running.

In the afternoon I whipped up a set of coasters, I hadn't found any in stores that I really liked so inspired by an old designsponge post I made my own. That's it for now, expect more as I get busy.

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