Friday, October 30, 2009

Non Painting Chronicles - Noisy Men

Am I a bad person because I want the workman next door to stop singing. He's clearly enjoying himself although he's clearly no Pavorotti, but he's giving me a headache. They are making some sort of medical suite in the building and between the banging, drilling, shouting and now singing I'm ready to go to war. I think I've answered my own question, Yes I am. Mind you in my defense I've only eaten a couple of pistachio nuts and half a cup of coffee hardly a balanced breakfast. It sounds like they are trying to saw through the ceiling now. GIVE ME STRENGTH.

Onto brighter news, the Penguino family is expanding rapidly. The tote pattern is almost complete and its nearly the weekend. Although I have to work on Sunday, so its slightly less exciting. Debating whether to go to Ikea this evening before heading out to the husband's gig. So much to do before the shows in November and December. I had a supremely strange dream last night, I was in Politics, assisting John Kerry and then I can't remember much more but it was dark. That's what you get for watching Criminal Minds before going to bed. John Kerry must have been on the news is my only explanation, I barely know who he is. OK, singing and drilling. This is TOO much.

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