Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Non Painting Chronicles - Chicken Run

As we have established Chicken is no longer person non-grata. She/he has a name Penny and has been through many tribulations in her short stint on the street. When we no longer saw Penny out and about we feared the worst but she was spotted by a neighbour in another neighbour's yard looking forlorn with a bunch of cheetos for company. We were going to plan a rescue and relocate with a much more caring neighbour who really wanted Penny but through recent circumstances that happened anyway. At 5am this morning I heard what sounded like a cat fight, the rain was so loud I had barely slept but I didn't move. ( Yes very rarely in rains in Orange County !) The downstairs neighbour however went to investigate and found Penny in the jaws of a Possum. Possums are not cute at all, this one was bigger than Sanford and the neighbour had to launch into attack mode to get it to release Penny who duly managed to escape and ran through my neighbour's legs into her bedroom. She scurried into a cardboard box and stayed there till 10am the next morning. Penny had lost a lot of feathers and had left a pool of blood in the yard, she is being well looked after with an appropriate diet and we hope that she will make a full recovery. The hunt for the Possum is on, the gloves are off. I might add despite their capacity to kill other animals they are a protected species in Orange County so we will be relocating Possum who has left a fecal trail on top of the laundry area. Sorry if you're reading this before dinner. More Penny pics to come.

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