Monday, October 19, 2009

Non Painting Chronicles - Lost and Found

The weekend started inauspiciously. After a late night on Friday, the early morning surf trip was delayed by trying to find my waterproof watch. Parking is metered so the watch is an essential part of kit, those traffic wardens just swoop. After the watch was located, I couldn't locate my wallet that was fine though I had quarters I could get by. I stopped off at work to check I hadn't left it there but no luck. The surf was the biggest its been for a while and the crowds were out, you have to wait till its really cold for the numbers to die down. There was a lot of fog which created this strange atmosphere. I caught one big wave but was content to crouch, the drops are quite intimidating when the waves are big. No injuries though and an exhausting session. They say that bad luck comes in threes I beg to differ.
Here's my top three for Saturday. 1. Looking for lost wallet, everywhere, checking bank activity etc.
2. Stepping in dog poo in my birkenstocks and having to clean it off with an old toothbrush. Those grooves in the sole are a nightmare.
3. Breaking my sewing machine.
I could go on but I'll leave it at that. On the plus side I had some great finds at the thrift store and also went to The seed peoples market where I saw a lot of very groovy handmade stuff and had a nice cup of Spicy Apple Cider. The perks of winter.

Sunday, so much better. A nice chat on Skype with the family is always nice, I love the fact that you can get up and grab something to show them so much easier than describing it. Following a chat with my neighbour who suggested the thread might be the problem with the sewing machine, I had already changed the bobbin twice so I gave it a shot. I changed the main thread and it seemed to work, but then no it was still all loopy at the back. I racked my brains, the needle had broken and I had put a new one in so I took it out again and turned it curvy side forward and like Moses parting the Red Sea the machine started chugging out perfect stitch after perfect stitch. I had visited Jo-Anns and looked at the new computerised machines and to be honest was seriously thinking about trading the old one in. Self threading needles, drop in bobbin, auto start I could go on... Maybe the old tank got wind of it and decided to behave but it works and whilst it does I can't really justify the expense even if the new one does Letters and eighty three stitches !! I produced my second tote ever on Sunday lined and everything. I was very proud and promptly went round my neighbours who are used to me flinging new craft projects in their direction. Feedback was very positive. Whilst I was looking for a CD for my neighbour what should pop up, none other than the missing Louis Vuitton wallet. Oh, the joy. I hadn't cancelled any cards. How did it get in the draw in the first place I've no idea. I have my suspicions. I lost a bag of cheese earlier this week which I later found in the freezer. It's been a spacy couple of days.

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