Thursday, September 10, 2009

Here's One I made Earlier

Filing Card tin and Cards.
Materials: Spray paint, screenprint decals and old filing tin, index cards, stickers, cardboard box, primer.
Method: Super easy this, rummage around a thrift store and find a metal filing tin. Go outdoors, use a cardboard box to create a spray booth of sorts. Prime and leave to dry, you'll only be able to do a bit at a time or you'll get finger prints from moving it. Repeat with nice coloured spray paint. Carefully place your screenprint decal (I got mine at Urban Outfitters but they have them at Scrapbooking places) Follow instructions basically rubbing and peel backing off carefully. If you want to be super thorough coat with clear varnish.
For the cards, take ordinary index cards and a bunch of computer printable stickers. Type out your letters and print out 2 of each. Stick one onto a piece of card making sure you have a bit left over, stick onto index card and stick the second letter onto the back. The card makes them sturdier. Also very important make sure they are not too tall or they won't fit in your box.

I didn't make him earlier but seeing as his paws are in most of the shots. He likes to help, bless him I thought I'd include a whole picture.

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