Monday, April 2, 2012

Visiting Crafted and other News.

I'm happy to report that all are healthy in the household right now and things have been progressing quite nicely on the work front. Once again there is a small tribe of wooly softies growing and they are really soft. I stumbled upon a wool blanket and it has made the most divine bears and owls. I will be heartbroken when its all used up. My husband forced me to clear up in the craft room which was probably a good thing all things considered. I bought this huge rolling rack made of steel (impulse purchase but in my mind I will have a loft style home and it will be filled with books, art and stuff) which had been taking up too much room in the garage and generally making his life a misery, or so it would seem. So I have now accomodated said rack in the craft room, in between two chairs that will one day be re-upholstered in a lovely neutral linen. I've had them at least three years, one of those impulse purchases! I'm starting to see how so many furniture items end up curbside, so difficult to get rid of them. I'm beginning to see that I need a bigger space to create in, or a mini elf that comes in and tidies. I always did love the story about the shoe elves, if only they really existed.

Giant rolling rack
New Home of CRAFTED

Those of you who keep up with the blog, (bless you all) will know that I've been accepted at CRAFTED a new development in San Pedro. Sunday was Open House and I couldn't wait to see the space for myself. The light is amazing and the building has so much character with lots of exposed beams. I love the repetitive linear patterns that run through the space as well as the touches of primary reds and yellows. I'm even more excited and I'm off to sew some more bears.

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