Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Green Bliss Cafe

Slowly but surely my little tribe of furry buddies is growing. This week saw a switch from the norm when I had to make a card holding display. Thankfully I had a few wise pearls of wisdom in the carpintery department from the soon to be cover artist of sculpture magazine Andre Woodward. For a few hours work it turned out OK I think. It cost 68 cents to make because it was all scrap wood and that's what I paid for a wooden ruler which holds up the middle row. What made this a relatively simple task was the Ridgid jobmax tool I used. I don't like big power tools, they scare me but this little thing is safe and accurate. I sound like an infomercial but I was really impressed so much so that I bought my own. It's going to be so handy for making art panels and cutting random bits of wood.

I started work on a new Panda design which I will hopefully get a chance to work on this week. There's a batch of penguins though that need to be sewn so maybe not... All the official paperwork got sent for CRAFTED if you are a crafter looking to take the next step you should apply. I'm convinced it's going to be awesome.

I did some exercise first time since I got over the flu, I don't count riding my bike to work because it's not very far. Cardio tennis was the name of the class and it was pretty exhausting, one thing I learned from 3 days of sore muscles, stretching is important. Any how here are some pics from the newly opened Green Bliss Cafe in Fullerton a new outlet for the Desiree B. line owned by the lovely Rita Ho who has a fabulous eye for detail and decor. It's a beautiful space with delicious treats and coffees. I really love the furniture, as you can tell from the photos below.

Green Bliss Cafe

I love this sign made from licence plates.
There I am.
I want this chandelier.
View from the Courtyard

Love this table.

PS Looks like this flu bug is back again, so frustrating !

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