Monday, March 26, 2012


Lil bear
No sooner do I bemoan the heat and it's back to slightly chilly, some rain expected. This week has been extremely productive and exciting for a couple of reasons. In preparation for CRAFTED I purchased an Ipad so that I will be able to do credit card transactions, the fact that I can also play bejewelled and use Instagram are added bonuses.

Started working on a new owl pattern, we'll have to see how that goes. It looks cute but as I discovered with hoodie bear it took a couple of tries for the 3D version to not look odd. So this week sees some finished bears and cat cats.

Well, the rain brought another bout of flu and I'm usually pretty good at just resting it out but this time around it just seems to get worse, its been about 5 days so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the cold sweats and inability to do much at all will pass by the weekend. You know you're ill when even picking up a needle is beyond your capabilities. On the good news front my products will be carried in a new store which is very exciting. 

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