Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Moving on Up

Well, I made a big decision and applied to be part of CRAFTED a new craft development opening in Summer 2012 and got accepted ! What this means is that I'll have a permanent store 52 weeks of the year, woo hoo. So the blogs may dwindle as a result, there's a lot to prep for this commitment but I'm excited about the change. Who would have thought that some random drawings of monsters would have lead me down this path ?

Here's a few cards from my Pop Sensations Collection. I found this action that you can use in Photoshop on Paint the Moon that makes it super easy to create these nice looking collages. They still took a while but I'll be needing some marketing stuff so it's a good thing.

I went to my first Cardio Tennis session and it was painful, it was a really hot day, more suited to sunbathing than doing laps around a court but there you go. I also went surfing so it was a double whammy of exercise I did consider swathing myself with Bengue Balsam but decided to just get an early night.  I discovered that I can't drink grapefruit juice which is a shame as I do like it. I tried to convince myself that it wasn't causing me discomfort but after drinking a glass it felt like the worst cramps ever. So that's that then.

In other random news our GPS got stolen out of the car, the dogs are always sticking there heads out of the windows so they were probably down and so it was partly our fault but we live in a cul de sac so it's not really that good for random thieving. (this example being au contraire) I loved that Gps had it set to British Daniel and was literally lost without it, I don't do maps even a stint in the reserves couldn't fix that so I had already started looking for a replacement. But in a happy ending British Daniel found his way home courtesy of Jeremy and his grandad's dog. It would seem that the thieves decided to rid themselves of their stolen goods in a nearby bush which the dog impressively lead his owner to. There was also a satellite radio that wasn't ours, why the bush who knows ? Jeremy had simply pressed go home on the GPS and so the happy reunion was complete. Things like that don't happen too often so I thought I'd share. Thanks for reading.

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