Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm drawing Birds !

Well little did I know that there would come a time when I could actually report on all my drawing activities on the imustdraw blog but that time is here. I like to think that I make the best out of bad situations which in my case has been a bad shoulder/arm which is aggravated by 1) surfing 2)typing and using a mouse and lastly 3) using scissors all of which are pretty standard parts of my day/week. So in an effort to minimize my pain/ give the shoulder a break (I suspect its RSI)  I started doodling. What started as a thank you card became about 12 filled pages of sketchbook and out of that the beginning of a new card collection which I shall call Moshi, no particular reason other than I like the sound of the word and I call all my dogs moshi sometimes. I don't know whether it means anything or whether it's the result of watching kung-fu movies. Speaking of which Ip Man is one I highly recommend, which is the story of Bruce Lee's Kung Fu Master,  there's a sequel but I haven't seen it yet.I digress as per usual, here are a few examples of my labors. I have more and one in particular that I like a lot which I'll save for another blog. Enjoy !

Birdy page