Saturday, April 2, 2011

Craft Show Tips on Selling

I will be the first to admit that my blogs don't usually contain much in the way of useful info, lots of eye candy but here's a very informative video that I discovered.  Half an hour long but worth watching if you've ever tried to sell your work at a craft or trade show. I'm the first to admit I am not good at sales, blame that on the British upbringing but I was of the let them look school of sales where the only conversation occurs when the customer actually wants to ask you something. But over the years I've discovered that the key is be yourself, the friendly happy version that is and exude positive energy. Even when I don't make a lot of sales I always learn something along the way whether it's a product suggestion from a customer, new way to display product or just tips from other vendors. For more great advice visit or

I did embed the video but it was scary loud whenever I went to the blog and it would automatically start which was a bit off putting but the link will take you to the video instead.

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