Friday, February 5, 2010

Whirlwind and active

Where the magic happens

The flag project so near yet so far
The weekend flew by with a flurry of crafting activities. The craft room has now reached the stage where every surface is covered with bits of fabric. No matter how many plastic storage containers I get there just aren't enough for all the scraps I generate and like a born recycler, (or hoarder) I always think there will be a use for that tiny little piece. The reason for the chaos is that darn hanging flag banner that I thought would be oh such a quick project, not so as you may have gathered. There's the letter cutting, fabric cutting, letter sewing, flag cutting etc etc and of course I wanted to draw from my extensive pile of scraps so that the letters would all be different patterns. I am my own worst enemy !! Progress was made but I think that this will be a one time deal. On the plus side I did get to try out a new stitch on the sewing machine which worked like a charm. It still seems surreal to press a button and have it instantly knot, the joys of technology.

Three paintings are on the go, some nice stormy skies which is funny really when 99% of the time the sky is a lovely shade of blue but that wouldn't be enough of a challenge. Progress shots coming soon.
I also will be selling my line in a boutique in LA which means I have to actually create in bulk and so had a big jumper shrinking session. It still surprises me that I can go out and find exactly the right colour in a jumper at a thrift store for a couple of penguins just when I need it. I have a theory that the gods of re-use look favourably on my furry creations. I only wish I didn't have to go outside to do the laundry. Unlike London, it is fairly common to not have a washing machine inside, oh how I miss my bosch, so quiet so quick.... When we had that rainy spell there was no way I was going to do any shrinking. We also once had a nasty possum living on top of the laundry, so the thought of having a giganto oversized rat landing on your head whilst you wash your small's was quite a big deterrent. It did start to stack up till a possum solution was found. I can't believe those things are not considered a nuisance and therefore animal control will have nothing to do with them. But I digress...

In between creating I managed a thrift store visit and found the best drinking glasses ever, they are old wine bottles that have been cut and sanded (a great idea) so they are just the right weight (Ikea thin they are not) and not too small, best of all each one is unique. As you can tell I was very happy with my purchase I had been thinking about those recycled glass ones with the bubbles and blue rim for a while but I'm glad I didn't get them.

Hurrah, my vintage soft toy pattern book arrived derailing my progress as I have simply got to make the elephant, polar bear and donkey. Work beckons, the rain is back.

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