Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Too tired to rent a DVD

All this crafting is making me tired. I achieved my goal of completing the big owls and penguins so I patted myself on the back. I created some nice tags to save me having to write them which although would look nice I'm time poor right now. It seems like both my other jobs have just got really busy overnight adding to the strain. I felt my life pass by on Friday as I tried uploading a design file for a huge banner, watching the little bar making sloooww progress across the screen only for upload FAIL to appear each time. I finally gave up with that particular company after calling when they couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. I called a local company in LA spoke to a nice man, uploaded my file (same file) with no issues whatsoever !! I feel like I've had a crash course in printing over the last week. When you are having 5,000 of something printed you can't help but wonder if you may have forgotten something, we shall see....

I had a little tantrum with my new sewing machine, the trouble with electronic machines is that they beep a lot when they are unable to do something ,which in this case was attaching a button. I changed the bobbin, re-threaded etc all to no avail. Beep, so I did what I do with all things electronic I switched it on and off, again no joy. I was starting to think gadgets and I were having a bad relationship. I had just received a new Canon D10 (waterproof allegedly), thank you nice people at Canon, to replace my old one,(6 months old) which had already been sent back to the factory for a new lens and was again playing up. All this without ever having touched water my sole reason for purchasing it in the first place! I ranted very politely to Canon and they agreed to send me a new one and things have been good so far.

So, forgive me for the lack of faith in my Brother machine, I finally dug out the manual and discovered low and behold, it was my fault, I hadn't depressed the foot fully, I gave it the extra nudge and voila button nirvana was reached. I am so happy about this exciting development. It takes me ages to sew buttons on by hand, I don't know why, and in a blink of an eye the Brother spits it out perfectly.

It was Superbowl weekend and husband's birthday so a lot of extra shopping/ cleaning/ cooking had to be fitted in. I did manage to make 20 spring rolls which reminds me I need to try and make some falafel again. This post has been most self indulgent but therapeutic for me, I'll be back to the short on words big on pictures format soon enough. If you made it this far you are probably related or just super fabulous. Have a great day.

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