Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back from Colorado

So, I have been internetless for the last week, quite a strange feeling. I was almost tempted to go into an Internet Cafe but I thought there's nothing that can't wait. It was freezing in Breckenridge, CO, literally -2 but very pretty, it felt like Christmas with all the snow. The altitude was a killer though, I was breathing like a heavy smoker just walking up a hill ! Still I did have a go at snowboarding, I was fully prepared for the inevitable falls and apart from a comedy catapault off the button lift the falls were quite graceful with no visible bruising. It took 15 hours of driving to get from CA to CO. I managed to finish a book, sleep and snack...lots of snacks, sunflower seeds, chips, bananas etc. I was fine until we started climbing and my stomach felt like it was being depressurised. Apart from a headache, couple of nose bleeds and stomach cramps which wore off on day 3 I was fine! Here are a few random snapshots from the trip.
Some donkeys covered in fresh snow on Main St, Breckenridge.
You would occasionally hear a huge crash which were icicles falling down. Hazardous.
Cold, chilly enough said.
Very hard to spot a clean car.
Troy my FTB finds himself knee high in snow.
Snapped from the car, the expectations are not high when a town is called No Name.

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