Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 1 - The flea and the sea

So, if you read the previous blog I did watch "Rookie of the Year" however, I did accomplish a lot in one day considering the physical exertions. It began with the discovery of two fleas on our small dog which led to copious combing of both dogs followed by bathing and drying. The Dyson was borrowed from the neighbour and the apartment was vacuumed with the determination of an athlete during endurance training. I spent an afternoon researching the flea and from said research can tell you they are a scourge, I haven't tried the light over a pan full of water with oil trick yet, apparently the fleas are drawn to the light and then drown because of the oil in the water. Also mothballs, salt, cedar chips and a whole heap of chemicals can all be used to wage war on the dreaded flea.

So the washing and vacuuming was exhausting and I steam cleaned the kitchen floor for good measure, this led to aforementioned watching of movie whilst eating some lunch. So you see in my mind I had earned the rest. Renewed and revived I set about finishing two paintings that I had started two weeks ago. The inspiration for this renewed interest in painting was going to a Wolfgang Bloch exhibition in Laguna. I loved the glossy surfaces of his paintings as well as his use of distressed wood and texture. I couldn't afford any but was fairly certain I could do my own version. Here you have the first two, even though we are still in Summer I wanted to go for a more dramatic skyline. The second one still needs work. I did get up and paint this morning at 8am though so the blog is having the desired effect already. Onwards.

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