Monday, August 31, 2009

Thrift Store Find - Tennis Glass

Thrift Store Find - Tennis Glass
I have to cheat a bit, I did find this in a thriftstore but it was a while ago. I spent the weekend sailing and capsizing (not on purpose) in a 2 man catamarran which pretty much wiped me out. Add to that the extremely happy and vocal group camped next to us, who proceeded to play badminton at 6am and you can factor in sleep deprivation too. Who knew sailing was so hardcore ? Not me, bruised knees and elbows are among the injury count. All of this is my way of saying I had no time to shop.

This item is a gem, it can hold two cans worth of drink + ice and its stylish, well I think so at least. I stumbled on it at a Goodwill and despite there only being one had to have it. On the annoying front I've had to send my 6 week old camera back to Canon for repair, it just decided to have a lens error and that was that, but I'm hopeful that I will get it back soon so its back to the trusty Nikon. Enjoy.

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