Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here's One I Made Earlier

Water resistant Camera Pouch -
Materials: Button, Thread, Plastic carrier bags,ribbon,paper,
Tools: Iron,Needle, sewing machine,
I was on and read up on fusing plastic carrier bags. Inspired I decided to try and sew the fused layers together to make something. Fusing is a bit of trial and error, if the heat is too high you get holes too low, and it doesn't stick together. Remember to trap your plastic bags inside sheets of paper to shield your iron and board from the melting plastic. Cut your plastic into a rectangular shape and use it as you would fabric. Fold it in two with the side you want facing out on the inside and leave enough for a flap. Sew down the two sides, flip it so your seams are hidden. Sew on button and ribbon et voila. Unique pouch and eco-friendly, sort of.

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