Monday, September 15, 2014

The One with all the Ceramics

Thrown Dog Bowl
So, in my spare time I have been going to a ceramics class and just making whatever I want, which in my case has been oh, we need a butter dish I'll make one. It's been out with the mass produced stuff in our house and in with the handmade. I dabbled with throwing and had a success or three but when it comes to making the ceramics I want, I know I can hand build it quicker than it would take me on the wheel. If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen some of these pics as I'm one of these impulsive need to show the world NOW kind of people.
The evergrowing blue stripe army.

Plate and handlefree mugs

Spoons, butter dish, sugar bowl, love bowl.
Sugar bowl and lid

A lot of the stuff I made was just another surface to paint on and there was a lot of blue stripes and pattern going on which I was really drawn to. I figured out that I was probably subliminally inspired by Galician pottery Company Sargadelos. We always went to the store in La Coruna in Spain, when we were on holidays and at home we had a tea set and ornaments scattered around the house.

In the final weeks, I experimented with bare porcelain and black glaze contrasting the shiny and the rough. I made a handleless mug which I have been using everyday and its my favorite piece. I signed up for woodshop this term so we will see what that produces.

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