Thursday, August 28, 2014

Unique LA Summer Show Booth Build

Let's face it, I'm playing catch up with the whole blog I just finished Unique USA Summer Edition so there's a whole lot of pics to post. I must resolve to download my iphone pics on a more regular basis and not when it says I'm out of memory as it's taken me at least an hour to sort 1,000 photos into some semblance of order but it means lots more blogs for the immediate future.

 I began this project with three sorry looking canvas frames that had about 1000 staples that had to be removed. I went to Home Depot and had them cut 3 boards to fit the stretchers, hammered those on. Bought a gallon of paint and painted them with a roller before adding the laser cut shelves which had to be glued together, then painted. (Gorilla Glue is AMAZING!)
 This is me in 80 degree heat trying out configurations in a 5ft x 3ft space with furniture I own. Conclusion not enough room so it didn't make it into the booth.
There were 6 shelves added to these two panels.

Love a bit of teal

Cocktails are essential when gluing en masse.

 I had painted these planks of wood grey and used them to create a table top with the wooden boxes as the base which worked out quite well.
Almost forgot my sign.

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