Friday, October 3, 2014

The one with all the Cats

It's no surprise to some that when you practice something you get better at it, so as a result of drawing everyday I have definitely noted an improvement (and I was surprised). I am used to painting and drawing from life or photographs so imagining what a little chubby bird might look like holding an umbrella and being blown by the wind is an entirely different proposition. As I sit and doodle away, while The West Wing plays in the background (such a good series) I feel very lucky to have this time to enjoy the process of creating. My problem has always been focusing on one thing, no sooner do I decide to focus on paper goods and I'm designing a whole laser engraved line which then opens the possibilities to umpteen other products. I'm taking a break from ceramics to take a wood shop class. I've already made a dog bed but my big project is a retail cart for craft shows.....
Recent projects include a cat line of keyc hains and potentially gift wrap if I can find a way to do it that is affordable. While I only have dogs, I can appreciate there are a lot of cat loving people out there and they are fun to paint. There will be a corresponding dog line too. Holidays are around the corner and I feel like I've been in Christmas mode for a while now. I saw my first full on Holiday display in Hobby Lobby the other day, weird.

Lately I've been waking up in the middle of the night, usually due to being bitten by mosquitoes, they Looooove me, and I wake up immediately grab the tea tree oil and an icepack and try and go back to sleep. There have been times when there have not been enough icepacks and I have to resort to the frozen veg. On one such interrupted night though, my mind was racing with puns for cards and I had to write them down, fortunately there's always a sketchbook somewhere. There were some good ones so stay tuned and you will see the results shortly.

Imagining what a cat looks like
Cat ink drawing

Cat heads

Lil heads pattern

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