Monday, January 20, 2014

New Year, New Workspace.

First doodle in the new room.
I spent the weeks leading up to Jan 1st frantically organizing my workspace ready for a fresh tidier 2014. It could get bad in there so much so that I would work elsewhere rather than face the mess. It took a while, time when I could have been creating but it was long overdue. I went through all my supplies, donated things I wasn't going to use and organized everything else. Extraneous furniture, big pictures were all creating clutter so out they went. The transformation was low budget, I found some wooden shelves while walking the dogs and an hour later got them home. They had been painted black but nothing that a bit of sanding couldn't cure. Other shelves from Ikea had been languishing in a closet as I waited for the right spot to put them up. My main eye opener was the fact that I had a million containers everywhere and they were all full of junk, so one by one I dumped them out and put everything in its place, needles, pin backs , small bits of fabric etc.

BEFORE: Sometimes during a busy spell it could get like this !!

BEFORE: Too much stuff not enough storage.

So the comfy chair was a good idea in theory, but just took up to much room. Out with the chair and in with the new/old shelf to form a wall and also a nook for hiding stuff from view (occasionally.) What isn't visible is the amount of stuff under the tables. The sewing machine is now stored below and comes out when its needed. Similarly the cutting mats are on hand but not on permanent display. A large walk in closet holds about 2 years worth of accumulated wool and fabric. There are also 12 clear plastic draws which also store supplies and packaging. I have not bought any fabric since the clearout as I have so much. It took a day to go through and sort the chest of draws so everything has a home.

Supplies which are used frequently are close at hand. Since this shot was taken a magnetic strip has gone up, a place to pin inspiring things as well as some pictures.

I got some colored cotton for Christmas and then added more in the sale, now I have a pretty decent set.

The guitar isn't part of my decor ! but its a small compromise in a room which is otherwise full of my stuff.

Added: Magnetic strip for inspiration and scissors.
I glove you clean workspace

Card packaging zone.
A handy thrift store find, filing cabinet on wheels stores all my patterns with a handy draw below for my sewing box. The wall decor is a work in progress.
Supplies and stock shelf

From yucky black wood shelves to very useful white ones, great free find, also acts as a wall and backdrop for photos on the wood side. Metal paper tray keeps loose papers at bay till they get filed.

Taken today as proof that it is still tidy 19 days into the new year.


  1. Looks fantastic! The 'before' photo kind of made me a bit on edge, but looking around me right now, my sewing room is not dissimilar...

    1. I found that scary before picture by accident, I think I must have taken it to prompt me to tidy....I can't believe for a moment that your craft room is anything but Zen !! You are one of the tidiest people I know.

    2. Moment of panic over. I'm all tidy again now!

  2. I'm ready to do this! You and Emma have my organization juices flowing and I have a second room to expand into! Great job!