Monday, June 4, 2012

Crafted - Not long now

Gearing up for CRAFTED in a month and a half (holy cow) and a couple of new stores is exciting but quite tiring. As with any business, time management is essential. I love making my softies but from time to time I REALLY get the urge to work on a new project. These are my current top 6 that I want to make/do:
  • Wooly bow ties
  • Wooly whale
  • Panda
  • Yarn/Fabric letters(update halfway there!)
  • Yarn wrapped power cords
  • Re-do vintage suitcase
Some of you may remember that I bought a to do book a while back and I still use it. I like checking things off and it also clearly shows things I'm not so keen on doing. Last week I put the sewing on hold and worked on some new cards which I'd had the idea for and hadn't gotten round to doing. It's quite satisfying to do something that has a relatively quick turnaround.

As if there weren't enough things to get me off track I signed up for a crochet class in the Summer, my gran used to be a whiz with the crochet needle, as with the sewing I never really took the time to learn from her so I'm hoping that I have the crochet gene and will be able to at least make some coasters or something.

 Here are some recent additions, note my current obsession with the color green.

Classic owl with napping eyes.

New stockist of Desiree B. in Seal Beach
Here's a card stand that got the green treatment.
Cardboard Letters

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It only took a couple of episodes of Downton Abbey to get all the letters done, it'll take a few more for the yarn wrapping.
 I saw these cute bird houses and thought I want to do something with them in my Crafted display.

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