Monday, May 14, 2012

Analog// and other News

It's been two weeks since my last blog. Oops, I got busy, ( engrossed in Hunger Games and Catching Fire books )had a few personal disasters and business triumphs but more importantly I cooked a ham. Yes you read right a ham, don't know why it took me so long but it caught my eye in the grocery store and to be honest I thought I would end up using it for soup. I didn't really do much a bit of seasoning, followed cooking instructions and then with half an hour to go poured a lot of organic honey over it. It was delicious and I fully recommend it. However, it was a rather large ham for two people so like the turkey leftovers it has been creatively eaten. I did make a canellini bean soup with ham, croissant with ham and melted cheese, muffin with fried egg and ham, ham name but a few. I also froze some when I realized that there was no way I was going to get through it without having a ham overdose.
What a dream I had
Anyway back to other news, so I landed another store yeay but I've had to ramp my production to well faster than before and I've done three events including the Artwalk at the OC Mart which was a lot of fun due to meeting lots of nice people including: Carlos of What a dream I had, Rachel from The Painted Hollow and the lovely folk from Analog//
The Analog// Store at the OC Mart
The Painted Hollow

Still haven't got round to making Panda yet and I now have some blue felted wool which is demanding to be made into a whale. I have added another blanket to my collection and acquired two more miniature chairs. Oh, I also have a couple of new cards. People responded well to Birdy Harry which was a long time coming. That's it for now time for some more ham !

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