Thursday, July 7, 2011

Surf Ramblings

Summer's here, yeay. The water is finally warm enough for the Spring suit which  I wore today. Trouble was my skin sort of stuck to the wax a little bit which was slightly uncomfortable. The solution is apparently vaseline, who knew ? It's these pearls of wisdom that I get when chatting to fellow surfers. I managed to elicit a "That was really cool" from an audience of four when I caught one of my few waves from that session which was very gratifying. It's not something that has happened before so I'll take whatever I can get.
The other day I met a photographer who was working on a new magazine called Boardtalk who also gave me a good tip about riding steep waves which was to be at an angle. It's nice to practice a sport that has time for leisurely chats every now and again. The dolphins have also been out a lot lately I'll admit when I see the fin pop up I freak out a little bit but as long as there is more than one I know everything is good.

The other night I had the idea for a surfing bird series if you thought there's only a finite amount of bird
puns you would be wrong. I am steadily working up a few of the sketches and having a lot of fun doing it. Some of the surfing greats have names appropriate for bird puns which for me is a good sign.

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