Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February, already how ?

Well 1 month into the new year and it just whizzed by. The catalog is coming along and I'm still aiming for the mid February finish. I just need to make some hot water bottle covers so that they can be photographed, write descriptions, make an order form.......yep there is still an awful amount of mundane stuff to do. Here's some fun stuff, my mother in law has an ipad (she already had a cover) which is pretty snazzy so I decided to make a felted ipad cover worthy of its sleekness. My husband insisted that the apple had to be exact, no freehand cutting so I duly obliged I'm quite pleased with the outcome seeing as the jumper had been overfelted (again). Note to self do not use heavy duty wash cycle when felting or you will end up with tot sized apparel. I did some thrifting and found a woven coat which I can't bring myself to cut into, this has happened with a couple of treasures that I have found, I think they still have a job to clothe and so despite the potential of the fabric I just can't. This is also known as hoarding. There are currently 5 items that fit into this category who knows I may end up with a vintage line.

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A friend of mine insisted I should try Pinterest and it really is a marvellous thing, but the time that can be lost browsing through all those boards. You've been warned.

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