Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Design Dilemmas

Well after the frantic dog episodes, I am happy to report that all are well. Farley's nose is healing although it's still quite pink. So you made all these resolutions, what gives I hear you ask ? Hmmm well I started designing a catalog, and the thing is these are not quick projects. I put my ideas on paper after fumbling about in Illustrator for an hour, clicking aimlessly. So it will be a part drawn, part print type of catalog. On my to do list : Product photography, scanning of lots of cards/drawings/fabric, measuring all my products and writing descriptions. This for me is work and while I will admire and feel satisfied at reaching the finish line it's going to take a while till I get to that point. Mid February should do it and then all I have to do is actually make some product as Christmas pretty much wiped me out, not complaining it's great that people liked my stuff enough to buy it. I'm looking forward to a trip to the In-laws who have a very lovely washer and dryer inside the house and obviously to see the family and miniature donkeys.
Miniature donkeys aren't that small the word miniature is misleading
No going down a set of steps and OUTSIDE to our oh so delightful communal washer and dryer where the landlord started to make a concrete path ( which took about 8 months entire cities were built in less time) and then abruptly stopped 2 meters short of the little shanty hut housing the machines. So there's a little muddy path to negotiate. Not the Sudan I know but still.  I miss my Bosch washing machine in London, I didn't have a dryer so my apartment would have been constantly draped in wet wool jumpers, not a good look.

Not complaining when I get to see this view every week
So there you have it in order to progress I have to take a break from the crafting and focus on the marketing. Sorry.

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