Monday, November 28, 2011

Being Productive is hard Sometimes

It's been a tough month and I'm not quite sure why. There's no shortage of projects it's just a general malaise, hopefully it won't last too long. In the works is an almost completed calendar, some not yet begun blanket pillows, recycled hang tags and more plushies. I have an event coming up in two weeks so that will probably force me into action....

I started writing this post on the 14th November and I kicked that malaise into touch. Sometimes all it takes is a good clean and a work surface, other times it's just that general excitement to see how your idea turns out or maybe even going surfing does the trick. Here are the results. I did complete the calendar but haven't photographed it yet. The blanket pillows are cut but look at all this other stuff.
Surf inspired Gift Tags

Then there was the packaging design.

Felted Flower Pin Brooches.

Wine Bottle Carrier

CD Wreath x 4
and last but not least hoodie bear, the newest addition to the plushie family. It wasn't easy, it took 3 samples to finally find a successful conclusion that was faithful to the drawing.
Lil hoodie bear.

My dog was kind enough to model.
That's at least a couple of blogs worth of stuff in one. Hope you like them.

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