Monday, September 19, 2011

Trees and Dog Dolls

I must admit while I have been pretty busy with my projects but I've also been playing bejewelled a lot ! It's pretty addictive. Progress wise there are a lot of new projects that are in the pipeline and while I occasionally feel guilty taking time off to play mindless games I also realize that at times my mind needs a break. Standing in the shower today I had some great ideas, so even before the working day has technically begun constructive things happened.
Here are some tree ornaments I've been working on which combine two of my favourite fabrics and my new embroidery obsession. I really will be sad when all the green wool has been used up. I also made big tree pillows which you can see poking out there and some bags but alas no decent pictures yet.
 Here's the new Sanford doll which he models so professionally. It's essentially a drawing on cotton.
Here's the Farley doll. He wasn't responsive to my cues so I just had to lie his namesake by him. As you can see he wasn't impressed ! I'm still working on the Boss doll but it's so nice to be able to draw and I love the way it looks. (Also washable in cold water !)


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